Our Approach

Sewa Our Approach
  • We don’t do it alone !
  • We engage our trusted partners/Agents to identify needs and carry out our SEWA mission on the ground.
  • We build strategic alliances with organizations that have the knowledge and infrastructure to achieve our mission.
  • We only fund trusted local organizations with common humanitarian concerns at grass roots level.
  • We regularly monitor progress of the programs and audit the impact by visiting them in person.
  • We keep our donors informed how their adopted program is accomplishing their vision of SEWA Mission.
  • We encourage SEWA programs to be self-sufficient and once its achieved then we move on to next challenge.
  • We rely on our dedicated volunteers and Chapters for financial support.
  • We rely on you – our individual and corporate donors for financial support.

Donor Promise

SEWA Canada places a high value on  transparency and accountability to all its donors and assures that the money we invest ends in accomplishing our intended goals.
i)  We will maintain the highest standards in our programs, development and operations.
ii)  We promise your donation on adopted programs is matched with strong financial controls to ensure the money we collect serves  the beneficiaries directly i.e. the way you wanted
iii)  Your privacy and security of personal information is our top concern.
iv)  We commit to always be ready for the donor questions and respond promptly, truthfully and forthrightly.
v)  Always provide appropriate acknowledgement and recognition to the donors.
vi)  Our relationships with donor individuals and organizations will be professional in nature.


Financial Accountability

  • Our financial affairs are conducted in a responsible manner, consistent with the ethical obligations of stewardship and the legal requirements of provincial and federal regulators.
  • All donations are and will be used to support the charity’s objects, as registered with CRA.
  • No more will be spent on administration and fundraising than is required to ensure effective management and resource development.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the charity’s fundraising program will be reviewed regularly by the governing board.

Efficiency Ratio

Our Approach is that our commitment to SEWA projects will be matched with set of strong financial and business control to assure that the  money we invest ends up accomplishing our and donor’s intended goals. We follow strict financial control which in turn helps us to maintain close to 96% Project efficiency ratio in last three years.

Source – Sewa Canada International Aid Inc.