SEWA Canada Projects

Flood Relief -Chennai

The unprecedented rains and floods in Tamil Nadu, India has 60% of Chennai, the fourth largest city of India  mostly under water with millions displaced, lives lost and a trail of destruction. More than 2,500 villages are badly affected, thousands of houses marooned,READ MORE

Gift a Cow – Guyana

There are moral, environmental, emotional, physical, economical and other benefits of raising a cow. Which is why Sewa Canada started “Gift a cow” project in Guyana couple of years ago.READ MORE

One Teacher Schools

While children in urban and semi urban India have easy access to education, the children in rural and extremely remote areas have absolutely no access to education due poverty or social reasons. Sewa Canada One Teacher School [OTS] try to fill that gap by bringing education closer to those children. We work with local rural communities by appointing formally educated youth …


Assam Girls Hostel

Sewa Canada believes that if we educate a man we educate a man and if we educate a woman we educate a generation. To realize this belief Sewa Canada is building a residential school for underprivileged girls in Assam/Meghalya. This initiative will provide an opportunity to 55 girls [ approx.] to be successful in their lives after completing their formal education. Sewa intended to expand this project in future READ MORE

Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief

Immediately after Nepal earthquake Sewa Canada mobilized its resources to reach out to the people in need. We appealed our donors for funds and our volunteers flew to Nepal to share the pain of distraught people. Relief supplies distributed by Sewa Canada volunteers along with its sister organizations like Sewa International, sewa USA  as of 26th May 2015 to victims of


Vocational Training Programs

SEWA Canada supports vocational training to poor youth, enabling them to earn their livelihood on their own. These services are provided by highly experienced and motivated professionals and volunteers. To make them face the world, they need to be equipped with appropriate education, physical training, vocational skills and academic proficiencies.


Village Health Worker (Arogya Rakshak) Tribal Health Programs in Assam, India

We engage and support Arogya Rakshak training program for selected boys and girls from different villages. We train them in Primary health care and about common diseases …


Community Mobile Health Promotion, Assam

SEWA Canada initiated Mobile community health programs and donated one well equipped Ambulance to people of Assam. Prime objective of this effort is to bring cure close to Tribal and Rural people in remote areas.


Home for Physically (Polio) Challenged. Gandhi Ashram, Bhopal, India.

Physically challenged people have the capacity to lead independent lives but they are seen as burden on the society but if you are poor then its a nightmare. SEWA Canada sponsors 25 such Kids in this Ashram and help towards the integration of these kids with disabilities into mainstream society.

Helping children at Risk (Slum Children)

SEWA Canada supports two projects to help slum children at risk due to deprived development facilities in these areas. We facilitate these bright kids with educational opportunities and developing livelihood skills especially to girl children to enhance their social status and decision making power.


Migrant settlement

SEWA Canada is supporting “Athroot” – a self-help group in Jammu, India to improve the socio-economic status of the migrants.

These migrants who are facing low isolation and poor esteem are supported for vocational training.


Project Jagriti

SEWA Canada supports Project Jagriti in Siot village under Nowshera, Jammu to impart training to rural youth so that they get employment in their village.


Restoring sight and Preventing blindness

SEWA canada supports some programs at Dr Ranga Reddy Eye Hospital, Secundrabad, India. We service under-privileged sections of the community to improve its quality of life in the back drop of ever increasing ophthalmic problems and thus mitigate preventable blindness. Please donate to SEWA canada in our efforts to restore sight …


Tribal children Literacy

SEWA Canada’s one teacher school program is committed to uplifting tribal communities located in in-accessible remote areas of Assam and Meghalaya states of North east India. At the heart of this endeavor are teachers who educate the young, provide guidance on day to day issues, facilitate problem solving and teach basic first Aid and hygiene. The teachers become an ally to the community inspiring optimism …


Tribal children Residential schools/Hostel

SEWA Canada sponsors Tribal girls and boys those were once deprived of educational facilities, These children now have dual facility of education and shelter to fulfill their dreams. We sponsor seven such facilities in Tribal area in central and North Eastern states of India.


Assam Relief

The people of Assam, North Eastern state of India are facing two disasters – Flood and internal disturbances, creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in past few years. SEWA Canada has partnered with its trusted local organizations to support relief work in Assam’s this humanitarian crisis. Our partner’s volunteers/Response teams are on the ground delivering life-saving essentials such as shelter, food, water and healthcare to families in desperate need.


Abandoned Babies Care (Matruchaya)

“Matruchhaya” is abode for the abandoned children of age group 0-6 years and SEWA Canada supports Bhopal center. These kids are either handed over by Government hospitals, abandoned at the gate/door steps of “Matruchhaya” or handed-over by Police Stations. These kids are nurtured here by dedicated workers …


Shelter to underprivileged students

SEWA CANADA is co-sponsoring Aditi Pratisthan’s Jammu Hostel to give hope and better platform for success to underprivileged girls.

These resident students are poor, come from rural and remote areas for quality education, attitude changes and increased self-esteem.